Best Beginner Welders Reviewed

Best Beginner Welders Reviewed

Table of Contents > 1. Best Welders For Beginners Reviewed
    1.1 YesWelder MIG205-B - Best MIG Welder For Beginners
    1.2 YesWelder TIG 250P - Best TIG Welder For Beginner Welders
    1.3 YesWelder YWA-160 - Best Stick Welder for Beginners
    1.4 YesWelder Flux 135- Best Flux Core Welder For beginners
    1.5 YesWelder MP200 - Best All-in-one Welder and Cutter For Beginners
2. What To Look At When Buying A Welder As A Beginner?
    2.1 Ease Of Use
    2.2 Welding Processes
    2.3 Welder Controls
    2.4 Safety Features
    2.5 Available Budget
3. Conclusion
4. 🧐Best Beginner Welders Reviewed - FAQ

Welding is a powerful skill that opens up endless possibilities for building and creating. However, getting started can be overwhelming for beginners unsure of which type of welder to choose.

With so many options available, it can be difficult to determine which welder is the best fit for your needs. That's why we've compiled a list of the best beginner welders. Whether you're a DIY enthusiast, hobbyist, or looking to start a career in welding, we've got you covered.

So, get ready to ignite your passion for welding and discover the perfect welder to help you get started on your journey.

tig welding

Tig Welding
Photo by @castelonwelding

Best Welders For Beginners Reviewed

Last decade, welding evolved from a highly specialized field to a hobby, and DIY favorite. With new trends in the market, beginners can have a hard time choosing and understanding the welding machine.

Olsen diy welding metal art

Olsen’s DIY Metal Art. #WhyWeWeld: Darrell Olsen 
Photo by @olsen_metal_art

To help you get the best out of your purchase, we compiled a list of YesWelder machines that feature everything you need to get into the world of the welding trade. Here is a quick comparison table that can help you see the differences.


Welding Process

Input Power

Output Power

Duty Cycle


YesWelder MIG205DS-B

YesWelder MIG205DS 

MIG, Flux core



110/220V 50-60 Hz

110V: 20-160A

220V: 30-205A

60% at maximum output

23 lbs

YesWelder TIG250P

YesWelder TIG 250P


Lift Stick

220V 50-60 Hz


35% at maximum output

14 lbs

YesWelder YWA-160

YesWelder YWA 160


Lift TIG

110/220V 50-60 Hz

110V: 20-120A

220V: 20-160A

60% at maximum output

15 lbs

YesWelder Flux135

 YesWelder FLUX135

Flux core,

Scratch TIG,




60% at maximum output

18.7 lbs

YesWelder MP200

YesWelder MP200

MIG, Flux core,



Plasma Cutting

110/220V 50-60 Hz

110V: 20-160A Weld, 20-30 Cut

220V: 20-200 A Weld, 30-40A Cut

60% at maximum output

41 lbs

1. YesWelder MIG205DS-B - Best MIG Welder For Beginners

Gas Metal Arc Welding is one of the most straightforward welding methods to master, so if you are a complete beginner, that's where you want to start. YesWelder MIG205DS-B is one of our bestselling welding machines for a reason. This welder is super easy to set up and use, and you get everything you need to weld straight out of the box, including a MIG gun, drive rolls, a few spare tips, and an electrode holder. Ease of use, performance, and value make it a favorite among beginners, DIY, and hobby users, but also professionals.

YesWelder MIG 205DS-B DIY flux core

A little flux core running on 110 with MIG 205DS-B.
Photo by @Aaron Schumpert (From Facebook Group)

MIG205DS-B is a beginner-friendly multi-process welder that is MIG welding based, but you can also use it for Flux core welding, Stick welding, and DC TIG welding techniques to weld steel and stainless steel. The latest version is spool gun compatible, so you can MIG weld aluminum with a separately sold spool gun. With an added TIG torch, you can use it for both MIG and TIG welding. Therefore, you get an all-around welding machine that can cover most of your welding needs.

This is a dual-voltage machine, which means you can use both 110/220V input power. You can plug it into a regular 110V household outlet and weld thinner pieces with an output of 160 amps. If you feel like you need more power, you can always switch to 220V to reach the maximum output of 205 amps. The rated duty cycle of 60% at the maximum output of 205 amps will allow you to weld longer before making a break. The wiring compartment can fit up to 10 lbs wire spools of .030” and .035” wires, and you get additional knurled and grooved drive rolls for smooth feeding.

Synergic MIG is one of the reasons we recommend it as best for beginners. If you are new to welding, you need to input the shielding gas choice and welding wire diameter, and the welder will automatically adjust the wire feed speed and voltage. This will give you a great head-start, making welding highly convenient and easy. Still, seasoned welders can fine-tune the MIG205 manually to get perfect results.

synergic control mig yeswelder pannel

Synergic Control

  • Synergic Controlled & Manual Adjustable MIG function, very easy and simple operation.
  • 4 Functions in 1 of Gas MIG /Gasless MIG / Lift TIG / Stick
  • Aluminum MIG welding available, spool gun compatible.
  • Can take up to 0.9mm(.035") MIG solid wire(Gas MIG) and 0.9mm(.035") MIG FLux wire(Gasless MIG)
  • Apply to D100/D200 rolls (<10lbs) of MIG wire
  • Suitable for welding carbon steel and aluminum.

YesWelder MIG 205DS specification

  • Great value for the money spent
  • MIG/Flux core, DC TIG, and Stick welder
  • Synergic MIG makes it beginner-friendly
  • Dual voltage machine
  • Can fit .030-.035” wires and 2-10 lbs spools
  • Smooth wire feed provided by different types of rollers
  • Can MIG weld aluminum with sold spool gun
  • You cannot TIG weld aluminum with it, and you don’t get TIG torch
  • Spool gun for aluminum is separately sold

2. YesWelder TIG 250P - Best TIG Welder For Beginner

TIG welding is not a beginner-friendly process, but you can make it easier with the right tools. YesWelder TIG250P is an easy-to-use and versatile Gas Tungsten Arc Welding machine that offers excellent value for the money spent. Besides DC TIG and pulsed TIG Welding, this is also a Stick welder rated at 250 amps.

YesWelder Tig 250P screen


Like other YesWelder Machines, TIG250P utilizes inverter technology, which makes it lightweight (14 lbs) and efficient. The high-frequency start is beginner-friendly. This non-contact starting method provides a reliable start and reduces the risk of tungsten contamination, which is crucial when weld cleanliness is needed.

tungsten contamination

Tungsten Contamination

The digital display is very intuitive, and you can use it to adjust various parameters. TIG 250P welder has a pulse feature, which is helpful when welding thin pieces. Pulsed Tungsten Inert Gas welding provides good heat control while retaining a good penetration. Besides pulse, you can use 2T/4T mode and adjust starting and peak amps, upslope and downslope current, and pre-flow and post-flow. These are more advanced options, but you can completely control the welding process once you get the hang of them. Additionally, TIG250P supports remote control such as foot pedal and torch control.

2T amperage tig welding


With a rated output of 10-250 amps, you can use YesWelder TIG250P to weld thin pieces and for medium gauge welding. The duty cycle of 35% is rated at 250 amps. Remember that this is a DC-only TIG welder, so you cannot use it to TIG weld aluminum. However, you can weld mild steel and stainless steel, which is usually enough for a beginner welder. Stick welding performance is great, with good starting, stable arc, low spatter, and electrode sticking.

4T amperage tig welding


  • Digital Control Pulse Frequency allows full parameter setting of Peak Current, Base Current, Pulse Frequency and Pulse Width, allowing to manipulate the heat input to the work, control penetration and minimize distortion
  • Digital Set of Pre Flow Time, Start Current Level, Up Slope Time, Down Slope Time, Finish Current Level, and Post Flow Time combined with the choice of 2 or 4T trigger function allows you to control the start and finish of the weld process at the highest professional level.
  • Arc ignition time, preset current, and arc force current are adjustable.
  • Easy to use TIG/Stick welder
  • Pulsed TIG welding for thinner pieces
  • Lightweight (14 lbs), but sturdy and well built
  • High-frequency starting for easier and cleaner arc start
  • Advanced settings such as starting amperage/peak amperage, upslope, downslope, post-flow, pre-flow, 2T/4T mode
  • Supports remote amperage control
  • Excellent arc stability and performance
  • Only supports DC current, so you cannot TIG weld aluminum
  • 220V only input

3. YesWelder YWA-160 - Best Stick Welder For Beginners

Stick welding is one of the oldest but still widely used welding methods in many industries across the globe. Technological advancements brought us compact, lightweight, and versatile stick welders, and the best example is a YesWelder YWA-160. YWA-160 is a portable IGBT inverter stick welder designed for ease of use. With its build, features, and capabilities, the value you get for the money spent is hard to beat in today's welding market.

The IGBT inverter technology made YWA-160 lightweight and efficient, but the overall build seems sturdy and built to last. With 14 lbs and a built-in handle, you can easily carry it around the workshop or the field. This dual voltage stick welding machine works great at both 110/220V. At 110V, this welder outputs 20-120A, which is enough to weld up to 1/8" thick steel. However, it shines at 220V, where the welder outputs its maximum of 160 amps, allowing you to weld up to 5/32".

The digital display is easy to read and understand. Similar to synergic MIG, this welder has a built-in feature where you select the diameter of the electrode, and the machine automatically adjusts the welding current. This is an excellent feature for beginners, but professional welders won't be disappointed. You can fine-tune the welder manually and set the parameters such as hot start, arc force, VRD, or anti-stick feature. Arc force will compensate for the voltage fluctuations and provide a stable arc. A hot start boosts the starting current to produce a reliable arc start, and VRD lowers the open circuit voltage (OCV) to avoid the risks of electric shock when not welding.

YesWelder YWA-160 IGBT Inverted Stick Welder

In the past, inverters didn't work well with all stick electrodes, specifically the 6010s. However, the latest improvements on YWA-160 provide excellent performance on 6010,7018,6011 electrodes. This welder is also capable of lift TIG welding, but you don't get the torch in the box.

  • Model: YWA-160
  • Rated Input Voltage: AC 110V & AC 220V
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz Rated
  • Input Current: 30A at 110V & 23A at 220V
  • Rated Output: 26.2V
  • Output Current:Stick 20-160A,TIG 15-160A@220V; Stick 20-120A,TIG 15-120A@220V
  • Rated Duty Cycle: Stick/TIG 60% at 160A, 100%@124A @220V; Stick/TIG  60% at 120A, 100%@93A @110V
  • Efficiency: 85%
  • Power Factor: 0.93
  • Insulation Grade: H
  • Dimension: 15.6"*7.7"*13"
  • Net Weight: 15 lbs.
  • Operating Temperature: -10~+40 ℃14104℉
  • Highly portable, compact (14 lbs), and lightweight Stick welder
  • Dual-voltage welder with great power output for beginners
  • Can weld up to 5/32” steel at maximum power
  • Automatic welding current adjustment based on electrode diameter
  • Features such as hot start, VRD, and anti-stick increase arc performance and stability, while making a start easier
  • It can run 6010, 7018, and 6011 electrodes
  • Also supports lift TIG
  • Torch for TIG welding is not included

4. YesWelder Flux 135 - Best Flux Core Welder For beginners

If you are looking for a budget-friendly, small, and portable welder for DIY and repairs, look no further YesWelder Flux 135. Flux 135 is a compact Flux core welding machine with a 110V input, but the latest improvements also included MIG, Stick, and scratch TIG options. This is an ideal budget-friendly welder for beginners, repair, maintenance, and DIY projects.

installed with YesWelder Flux Core 135
Custom door frame into a steel container built in Ferry’s shop with 250 pro and installed with Flux 135.
Photo by @Markendaya Ferry (From Facebook Group)

YesWelder Flux 135 is a 135 amp rated Flux core arc welding machine that can work with 0.30" & .035" flux core wire and 4" spools. With 15 lbs, you can easily move it around the workshop or into the field. The digital display shows the exact values, and like other machines on this list, Flux 135 has a built-in synergic MIG feature. As you adjust the amperage, the voltage and wire feed speed automatically adapt to provide the best results.

With a duty cycle of 60% at maximum amps, you can weld mild steel up to 5/32" thick. The Built-in MIG torch is decent, and you also get an electrode holder for Stick welding. Welding performance is smooth, and you will be surprised by its capability on medium gauge stock.

The most significant advantage of the gasless welding process is that it is super easy to run. You don't need a shielding gas, so it provides a plug-and-weld approach. All you need is flux-core wire, and you can weld in no time after taking it out of the box. However, you should know its limitations since this is not one of the powerful MIG welders designed for heavy-duty work.

learning mig with YesWelder Flux 135

Bruce was learning MIG like TIG with flux core wire. He used the FLUX-135 in his Youtube Shorts.
Photo by @Bruce Hayes (From Facebook Group) 
  • Synergic MIG provides communication between the power source, feeder, and gun. Easy works with new welders or users. The wire feed speed and the voltage will be automatically changed (not showing on the display) when adjusting the amperage, the voltage could be trimmed from -5V-5V, and the change will not show on the display.
  • Gasless Flux MIG welds release hard moving of gas cylinder, release the low efficiency of stick welds and work with gasless flux wire perfectly.
  • Amperage is adjustable from 30~135 amp.
  • Apply to D100 4” flux core wire.
  • New updated version 2 from 2021.11.15, capable of  Gasless MIG, Stick, Lift TIG with additional WP-17V-10 torch 
  • Thermal Protection LED available
  • MIG gun torch built-in(Updated version for multi-process in 1 version,  15 Ak MIG consumables after 2021-11-15, Lincoln Magnum 100L kits after 2022-01-24, and updated green version with separate MIG torch  )
  • Up to 135 Amp output allows you to weld mild steel up to 5/32” in the plate.
  • Small Flux core welder for home and on-field repairs, maintenance, and DIY projects
  • Portable and lightweight
  • The latest improvements support MIG, Stick, and TIG welding
  • Synergic MIG feature for easier use
  • Runs off regular 110V household input
  • Super-easy to set up and run
  • Smooth welding performance
  • Not for heavy-duty work
  • Scratch start TIG is not a beginner-friendly or the cleanest starting method

5. YesWelder MP200 - Best All-in-one Welder and Cutter For Beginners

YesWelder MP200 is the best welder for beginners that are looking for an all-in-one machine for their small shop, garage, or hobby projects. This multi-process welder might seem intimidating to beginners, but the entire design is dedicated to easier use and versatility. The MIG/TIG/Stick welding with plasma cutting and synergic controls makes MP200 the best multi-process welder for beginners.

entryway gate made with YesWelderMP200

The entryway gate made with the YesWelder MP200.
Photo by @David Erdely (From Facebook Group)

The large 4.3" LCD display is intuitive and easy to read. It will guide you through the process and parameter selection, and high-pixel illustrations are more than easy to understand. Memory mode will help you save your favorite settings for specific metals. The display shows both imperial and metric units, making it easy to use for the welder worldwide.

MP200 LCD Screen

MP200 LCD Screen

Unlike most multi-process welders on the market, YesWelder MP200 includes all the accessories in the box. You get a MIG gun, TIG torch, electrode holder, and Plasma cutting torch to weld and cut straight out of the box. This is a sturdy-built yet lightweight welder, weighing only 25 lbs.

MP200 is a dual-voltage machine. At 110V, it can output 20-160A when welding or 20-30A cutting power. However, the real power is displayed at 220V, where this welder provides 20-200 amps of welding and 30-40 cutting power. The welder is compatible with .030 or .035 solid and flux core wires, and up to 10 lbs spools. Cutting-wise, YesWelder MP200 offers a maximum severance thickness of 0.5" at 220V or 0.31" at 110V. However, you should pay attention to maximum clean-cut thickness, which is rated at 0.27" at 220V or 0.19" at 110V at full output power.

Keep in mind that YesWelder MP200 is a DC-only welder that is not compatible with a spool gun. Therefore, you cannot use it for aluminum welding with either MIG or TIG. However, welding aluminum is not the easiest task for beginners, so it shouldn't be a deal-breaker.

  • Gas MIG/Gasless MIG/Lift TIG/Stick/CUT 5 in 1 Welder
  • Can take up to 0.9mm(.035") MIG solid wire(Gas MIG) and 0.9mm(.035") MIG FLux wire(Gasless MIG).
  • Apply to D100/D200 rolls (<10lbs) of MIG wire.
  • Ideal for 7018/6011/6010 electrode.
  • Smart Memory & System Reset.
  • Synergic Controlled on MIG function, very easy and simple operation.
  • All-in-one welder (MIG/Flux/TIG/Stick) and cutter
  • Well-built and sturdy machine
  • Large LCD display, which is easy to use
  • All the accessories are included (MIG gun, TIG torch, plasma torch, electrode holder)
  • A dual voltage and amperage output of 200 amps is enough to cover all your welding needs
  • High cutting power and efficiency provided by inverter technology
  • Can work with various types and sizes of wires and electrodes (including 6010s)
  • You cannot MIG or TIG weld aluminum with it

mig welding with YesWelder MP200

Mig welding with YesWelder MP200.

What To Look At When Buying A Welder As A Beginner?

The best welder for a beginner should have a few key features to make the learning process smoother and more efficient. Firstly, it should be easy to set up and use, with clear instructions and intuitive controls.

A beginner-friendly welder should also have a stable arc and consistent heat output, allowing for cleaner and more precise welds. Portability is also essential, especially if you move the welder to different locations. Finally, affordability is a crucial factor for many beginners, so a good welder for beginners should offer good value for its price.

YesWelder MP200 portability

Lightweight yet heavy-duty portable design allows you to take your YesWelder from the workshop to the worksite and beyond.

Ease Of Use

As a beginner welder, you probably aren't the most familiar with the entire process of assembling and setting up your welder for work. To make sure everything runs smoothly, you are likely to use online resources, videos, and an instruction manual.

YesWelder MP200

YesWelder machines are known for their ease of use. Nearly all machines pack everything you need to weld and cut straight out of the box. The setup process is made easier by clearly marking all the crucial pieces, so the chances of getting something wrong are minimal. Plug-and-weld is something every beginner welder should look for, and YesWelder made sure that is possible with our welders for beginners.

Welding Processes

Each welding process has its unique set of advantages and drawbacks. As a beginner welder, you should start with a MIG welder. 

mailbox by using YesWelder MIG-205DS

York’s 5 years old son and York made a portable mailbox post for easier snow plowing in the winter. Using Cut-55DS and MIG-205DS.
Photo by @Chris York (From Facebook Group)
  • MIG welding is one of the most straightforward and forgiving processes, and with synergic settings, YesWelder MIG machines will make it easier than ever. If you need to work outside without shielding gas, simply switch to flux core welding.
  • TIG welding is a more challenging process, but with high risk comes high rewards. TIG welding produces the highest quality welds and offers excellent heat control, which is crucial when welding thin or delicate metals. However, getting there will take time and patience, so we recommend a TIG welder after getting the hang of the proper control and techniques.
  • Stick welding is a favorite method among industries worldwide. Welding equipment, from a power source to accessories and consumables, is relatively cheap, so many choose it when the job needs to get done quickly and cheaply. As a beginner, you can struggle with arc starting or electrode sticking, but it is still a relatively easy process.
  • Multi-process welders might be the best for beginners since you can practice different processes. Even though they are usually not as capable as dedicated MIG welder or TIG welder, you get excellent value as a novice.

different welding types


Welder Controls

The more, the better is usually a good approach when it comes to welder settings, but as a beginner, setting up the welder can feel like flying a plane. That's why you want to keep things simple and look for only the essential controls.

Synergic controls will help you get that needed head start and lay a decent bead even if you are a first-time welder. You can use them to start, then work your way to better results. However, any professional welder likes to tune the machine to its preferences, so the right welder should also allow manual control.

Learned to run bead.

Safety Features

Beginners make the common mistake of tuning the machine or exceeding the duty cycle rating. As a result, the internal components can get damaged and burned. That's why you want to look for a beginner welder with safety features such as VRD, overload, thermal, and overcurrent protection. YesWelder will shut down in case there are any issues with keeping your welder and components safe.

Available Budget

Like other products, the welding market is separated into budget-friendly, mid-range, and professional-grade machines. As a beginner, you should look for the best value for the money spent, and YesWelder offers exactly that. Professional-grade machines are not worth it if you are welding a couple of hours a week on a DIY project or repair work. They are aimed at professionals that pay them off with their work, but you will be more than fine with your budget-friendly machine.

DIY project CNC Plasma Cutter Table Cover

DIY Project: CNC Plasma Cutter Table Using With YesWelder MP200


Welding can be a rewarding and exciting hobby or career, and choosing the right welder is crucial for a beginner's success. The best welders for beginners will help you develop your welding skills and techniques, giving you the confidence to tackle various projects.

Whether you're interested in MIG, TIG, or stick welding, there's a welder out there that's perfect for your needs. So to save you hours of grunt work, we did research to help you choose the right welder for you and get ready to unlock your creativity and unleash your welding potential.

🧐Best Beginner Welders Reviewed - FAQ

What is best MIG welder for beginners?

YesWelder MIG205DS-B is one of our bestselling welding machines for a reason. This welder is super easy to set up and use, and you get everything you need to weld straight out of the box, including a MIG gun, drive rolls, a few spare tips, and an electrode holder.

What is the best all in one welder and cutter for beginners?

YesWelder MP200 is the best welder for beginners that are looking for an all-in-one machine for their small shop, garage, or hobby projects. This multi-process welder might seem intimidating to beginners, but the entire design is dedicated to easier use and versatility.

What is best stick welder for beginners?

YesWelder YWA-160 is a portable IGBT inverter stick welder designed for ease of use. With its build, features, and capabilities, the value you get for the money spent is hard to beat in today's welding market.

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