YesWelder was born from a vision to provide affordable and high-quality welding equipment to those entering and experienced in the world of welding. 

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Who We Are

YesWelder specializes in the design and manufacture of state-of- the-art welding machines, welding helmets, and accessories enjoyed by those with a passion for welding. Perfect for home and industry use, you can find YesWelder products across the globe and in the hands of people creating inspiring and durable work.

Our customers love what they do. And so do we. That’s why we work hard to give them the right tools and accessories. We know that you have fantastic projects waiting to come to life. Our products are designed to make that happen and priced to keep more funds in your pocket that can go towards your welding passions.

Choose YesWelder to enjoy your passions with high-performance, safe welding equipment.

Our Advantage Benefits Our Customers

Direct to Consumer

It’s from our factory straight to your hands. This means all the savings of no middle person, fancy showrooms, and the works are passed on to you so you can focus on your craft and not worry about the cost of your tools.

A Love for Welding

We enjoy every aspect of welding. It doesn’t matter why you weld. Art, customizations, industry work – we help our customers navigate it all with welding machines and tools that have gotten their direct input.

Advances and Innovation.

Our customers drive our brand, and we constantly work with them to make improvements to the equipment and tools that help them enjoy their craft. With advanced tech and enhanced quality, we’re here to help you too

We Embrace a Passion for New Development

Innovation paves new paths for the way we do things. It can be a small change or a major development. Whatever the change, our approach to advancing innovation to support our customers inspires our development team.

The YesWelder Experience is built on continuously working to create tools and accessories that make our customers’ lives easier. We listen to you and take your concerns and needs into account as we build ever more innovative tools to meet your budget and demands.

Our Vision

Welding has played a pivotal role in some of the greatest innovations in American history, from the manufacturing of ships and automobiles to the construction of spectacular skyscrapers that define iconic cityscapes. It’s also the backbone of many home improvements that make us proud. It’s these accomplishments and the proud welders behind them that drive our vision at YesWelder: Bringing together accessible, top-grade welding products and a proud sense of ownership and community.

The YesWelder Journey

The YesWelder story began in 2006 when our five cofounders decided on a simple yet profound goal: to provide affordable, quality welding equipment to those who love and practice the craft.

Drawing on their decade’s worth of industry experience, they started manufacturing high-performance tools. They also used third-party platforms to establish a presence within the welding community.

Jump ahead 12 years, and as we continued to build our foundation, we realized how important it was not just to manufacture quality equipment. It was essential for us to understand those who need, use, and buy our products.

It was time for a change in our approach.

That’s why, in 2018, we transformed YesWelder into a Direct to Consumer brand. This change allowed us to develop meaningful and long-lasting connections with the people who would use our products.

This allowed us to incorporate more of their experiences, frustrations, and goals in our development process. With their feedback, we have been able to craft even better products that speak to their real-life needs.
Fast forward to today.

We have a strong community of diverse welders. From professionals to new students, artists, and everyone in between, we’ve become the go-to brand for reliable, safe, and affordable welding machines and accessories that reflect the people we serve.

Now, our mission has evolved and expanded to creating value and bringing the joy of welding to people from all walks of life.

We are Designed for Welders

Dream big. Make art. Enjoy your craft. Whether for home or industry use, our welding products are built with uncompromising quality and safety at the forefront. Ergonomic, comfortable, accessible, and easy to use – these are just a few of the qualities our customers love about YesWelder products.

It’s our duty to make sure you stay safe, and you have the right tools to get the job done. With a combination of user input and our dedication to quality and innovation, we design and build the best possible welding tools to make a welder’s job easier.

Our Values

Our values impact everything we do, from ideation to development and manufacturing, sales, fulfilment, and overall service delivery.


A passion for welding is what drives us. By focusing on our team and those we serve, we build a strong and diverse welding community.


Our commitment to the people who use our tools inspires us to ensure that our products perform at the highest levels.


Through continuous improvement, we enhance the quality of our welding machines, helmets, accessories, and service.


We strive to redefine the standards by which we operate. That means more efficient, safer, and effective tools for our customers.


Even as an e-commerce brand, our goal is to truly deliver the best shopping experience with long-term value for our customers and us.


As a responsive, customer-focused brand consistently delivering value for money, we walk alongside and support our welder community.

#WHYWEWELD – A diverse welding community

The people who use our machines, tools, and accessories inspire us every day. So, as firm believers that passionate and skilled tradespeople are the backbone of the welding industry, we’ve done two things. 1. We lowered the barriers for welders to access quality equipment. And 2, we committed to building a strong community that brings together tens of thousands of welding professionals and hobbyists from all walks of life and all skill levels.

That’s why we have such a diverse community - professionals, hobbyists, DIYers, artists, kids learning to weld for the first time, and everyone else who wants to melt and bond metal together. We also aim to foster and inspire new generations of welding enthusiasts with our engaging and educational content as well as our support for community-based activities.

So, we invite our community to share their welding stories and experiences across our various digital channels.

Learn More About Why We Weld.

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