#WhyWeWeld: Bryn Otto
In this blog post, YesWelder chats with Bryn Otto, a young welder who has big plans for the future. We discuss his work, studies, and the potential of monetizing social media for young welders.
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#WhyWeWeld: Bailee Schmidt
Bailee Schmidt is a South Carolina-based community college student and pipe welder, who has been welding since her time in high school. With over 100,000 followers on TikTok, Bailee has become well-known for sharing her journey in the world of welding. We wanted to learn specifically about Bailee's passion for pipe welding, so we interviewed her to find out more. 
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[DRAFT] #WhyWeWeld: Staci Martinez

Staci Martinez is a fabricator, metal artist and carpenter. As a multi-skilled tradeswoman, Staci has experience with different materials and work environments. We interview Staci to learn about her work as a welder, and how it compares to working with other materials. 

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