Why is Welding Aluminum So Difficult?

In order to weld aluminum, you can use an AC TIG welder or MIG welder with an aluminum spool gun. Yes, you can weld it with other processes like laser beam welding and stick welding using a special electrode for this metal and in other ways. However, since most of the aluminum welding is done with these two processes we mentioned first, we will look at our YesWelder line of AC TIG and MIG welders for aluminum.

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MIG vs. TIG vs. Stick vs. Flux-core Welding

Welding is a broad field with tens of welding processes, each used when it's best suited. You can see everything from laser and resistance to cold welding in professional applications. But the four most prominent and most widely used welding processes are MIG, TIG, Flux-Cored, and Stick welding processes. These are manual, but they can also be automated. This article discusses these four processes from a hobbyist and a beginner welder perspective. You will learn what they are, how they work, their advantages, disadvantages, and when to use each of them.

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MIG Welding Aluminum For Beginners

Welding aluminum is more difficult than welding steel, but you are much more likely to create quality welds if you learn the basics. MIG welding aluminum is easier than TIG welding aluminum, and it requires less costly equipment. However, there are still many variables and areas where you can make a mistake.

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