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Early bird special start 7/22/21 on sale for 500 USD (FYA: the MSRP is 999USD). The YesWelder FIRSTESS™ MP200 has five processes — MIG, MMA, FCAW, TIG, plasma cutting. The output current is 20 A - 160 A and 20 A - 200 A respectively for 110 V and 220 V machines respectively. The machine tested in the video is a beta-launch product. There may be differences in the final mass-produced product.


  • Synergic Controlled on MIG function, very easy and simple operation.
  • Gas MIG/Gasless MIG/Lift TIG/Stick/CUT 5 in 1
  • Can take up to 0.9mm(.035") MIG solid wire(Gas MIG) and 0.9mm(.035") MIG FLux wire(Gasless MIG)
  • Apply to D100/D200 rolls (<10lbs) of MIG wire
  • Ideal for 7018/6011/6010 electrode
  • Smart Memory & System Reset

4.3" TFT Intuitive Display

  • 4.3” high-pixel LCD control screen that quickly and easily walks the user through setup,smoothly flow through the on-screen menu system and choose the setting.
  • Digital control to choose welding mode, material, welding wires, tungsten rods, electrode and workpiece thickness.
  • Color LCD display easy to read and set amperage and wire speed for repeatable welds every time.

Synergic MIG

  • Full Synergic Option: with automatic change of the voltage & wire feeding speed by choosing different thicknesses or amperage.
  • The wire feed speed will be well fit with the amperage.And micro-adjust voltage is available.
  • A perfect guide for new welder and beginners. “Out Range” Warning: if the amperage/ wire speed is not relative to the MIG setting, there will be a warning showing value from Green to Red.
  • It will warn that it may be out of the recommended relative values for voltage and wire speed. Spot and Burn Back Control: Allowing spot welding and time delay at the end of a weld, suitable to different welding requirement.

Smooth TIG

  • Equiped with a TIG torch and easy to scratch to initiate arc ignition.Supplying stable controllable consistent arc, suitable for small or intricate welding projects.
  • Allowing clean and quiet, virtually smoke-free welding with 100% Argon.

Powerful Stick

  • Exceptional DC stick welding provides excellent fusion and bead characteristics.
  • Built-in hot start and arc force allows capability of welding with E7018 electrode&E6011 E6010 cellulose electrodes.
  • Electrode up to 1/8" (3.2mm)@110V, 13/16"(5mm)@220V.
  • Apply to 13/16"(5mm)@110V, 9/32"@220V.
  • Brief and clear connection icon could be a good reminder for different electrode requirements.

Clean Cut

  • The preflow is a purge feature to insure there is airflow at the tip to become a charged plasma stream and benefit for blowing clean cuts.
  • Postflow is primarily for cooling.the longer the cut at high amp on thick metal, the more post flow need to dissipate the heat.
  • Recommend air pressure: 58-72 PSI.
  • Max Severance Thickness: 15/32"(12mm)@220V@40A, 5/16"(8mm)@110V@30A.
  • Max Clean Cut Thickness: 25/64"(10mm)@220V@40A, 15/64"(6mm)@110V@30A.

Human Friendly Interface 

  • Auto Smart Memory: allows you to store the voltage and current settings that match your style under memory numbers. Up to 10 memory options for each type of welding can be memorised and stored for recall.
  • Choosable Unit System: adopts both imperial and metric systems of measurement. Better understanding and easier operation for welders in most of all countries in the world.
  • System Reset: When the machine is perfoming uncharacteristically, all the welding parameter is able to be restored to the factory setting.It will reset theprimary log data, process logdata, and error log data.