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Aluminum | 6010 | Built-in Compressor | Yeswelder CT2050 7 in 1 Machine Review


  • AC TIG for welding aluminum 1/25” ~3/16” (1mm -5mm).
  • Pulse TIG for the most awkward of welding angles.
  • Built-in air compressor for maximum portability.
  • Doubled cutting thickness 1”(25mm).
  • Ideal for 7018/6011/6010 electrode.
  • 96-265V wide range offers smooth, fast, and precise welding and cutting
  • PFC Technology provides substantial energy saving
  • Smart AC TIG setting makes AC aluminum welding easy.
  • VRD automatically on get rid of electric shock.

PFC (Power Factor Correction) Technology

  • Multiple advantages such as energy saving and wider input voltage. Works with 96-265V.

    High energy efficiency
    It helps to reduce energy consumption and costs as it maximizes real power drawn from the grid supply, reducing energy and inefficiency. Thus saving electricity while stabilizing welding performance for a consistent output. Primarily, it ensures a stable cutting process with fluctuating voltage in the mains, using long extension cables.

    Worldwide operation
    96V-265V wide voltage range means the device can be used worldwide on construction sites.

Pulse TIG Welding for Thin Metal

  • Pulse for TIG gives greater heat control over the welding process so that it will not burn through the metal workpiece.

  • Pulse TIG welding is an easy way to create a smooth, clean weld for a TIG welding application. Highly used for base metals (stainless steel) down to 1/25'' for evenly distributed and great looking.
  • Pulse creates neat welds in far less time, especially useful for the same metal workpieces in a fabrication shop bump up the pulsing rate to improve welding speed.
  • Pulse also provides welders the flexibility needed for welding corners, pipes, and other hard-to-reach spots without ruining an edge or filling a hole with filler metal.

    AC TIG Aluminum Welding

    AC is used to weld aluminum because its positive half cycle provides a "cleaning" action, and its negative half cycle provides penetration. It helps remove and break up the oxide layer on aluminum, creating a nice flowing weld puddle.

      Smart Control for AC Welding

      Smart Set makes welding easy by taking the guesswork out of AC TIG welding settings. Simply select welding angle ( flat, vertical, or overhead) and Aluminum thickness; the machine will recommend the ideal parameters such as amperage, pre-gas, post gas, slope up time, slope down time, AC balance, etc. It is very friendly to beginners, especially for complex settings related to welded aluminum sheets

      Remote Control Available

      Pedal remote and welding torch remote control are available in foot pedal torch operation mode.

      • Equipped with remote amperage control TIG torch, the hand control provides remote on-off control of the welding power source contactor, gas solenoid control, and full range remote current output control.
      • Capable of foot pedal remote control, it allows the operator’s control on real-time welding current even further than 10m.

      1. Foot pedal is not included.
      2. If you intend to adapt to a different brand pedal, ensure the wire connection is the same.

        Alternative Choice for Air Compressor

        • The CT2050 comes with a built-in compressor, making it easy to take on various outdoor projects, and making life for welders on the road that much easier. It’s able to start cutting without an extra air compressor.
        • The CT2050 can also be connected to the external air compressor – perfect for those seeking the highest quality cuts.

        Non-HF Start Arc

        Non-High frequency or “blowback” uses the air pressure “blows back” a conductor held open by spring tension. Overcoming the spring tension and forcing the conductor back onto its seat, completing the pilot arc circuit.

        The “blow-back” start comes without interference, is safe and ideal for general use, and is friendly to the surrounding electrical machine and human health.

        Non-touch pilot ARC

        The pilot arc torch efficiently cuts through rough, painted, and rusty surfaces, while producing minimal slag.
        Pilot arc technology allows cutter to cut without touching the tip of the metal, for better quality and longer consumable life.

        CNC Cutting Compatible

        Equipped with CNC Interface Port, compatible with CNC table arc voltage feedback ratio 1:1.

        For precise CNC cutting applications, it is recommended to use additional cutting torch specifically designed for CNC operation. It can be tightly integrated with the CNC system to achieve accurate, automated, and efficient cutting processes.

        Built-in Auto VRD

        The VRD functions will activate when the welder is on.

        It reduces the voltage of the open circuit to a safer level, thus reducing the chances of electric shock in case the wrong connection for cutting the torch when the OCV is high in Cutting.

        The VRD function will promptly activate when the electrode does not touch the workpiece. When the electrode touches the workpiece to start welding, the VRD will be released.when welding is completed and leaves the workpiece, the VRD will be on again.

        E6010 Electrode Support

        It is ideal for welding in all positions as it produces quick-starting, steady and deep penetrating arc. It could supply quality weld producing quality welds with excellent toughness and high ductility.

        Usually, the electrodes is used together with other electrodes in various industrial applications (pipelines welding, storage tanks, etc.).