ARC-125DS Review - Kevin Crawford


Got a new mini inverter welder to use on my arc torch. Looks like it is a very nice machine and will be used for stick welding also. Can't get over how well it works for it's size.


  • ARC-125DS is ideal for 6010,7018,6011 DC Stick Arc welder.Powerfully arc starting,
  • Hot start &Arc force build in designed- Easy Arc starting, make your welding job happy and convenient.
  • IGBT soft switch technology, excellent Arc stability, 20-120amps very suitable weld thin workpiece. The lightness and strength of its components make this a reliable work tool for professionals or personal use.
  • Automatic compensation for voltage fluctuation, over current protection, overload protection.
  • Automatic temperature control, fan dormancy, steeples amperage control, all generators friendly.