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Reviewing the YesWelder YWT 200DC TIG Welder


YesWelder YWT-200DC is a 7-in-1 machine capable of High-frequency TIG, Lift TIG, Pulsed High-frequency TIG, Pulsed Lift TIG, Cold Spot TIG, Cold Spot Lift TIG and Stick welding. As a result, this welder offers a great combination of features for everyday TIG/Stick projects.

Intuitive and Easy Control Panel

  • The YesWelder YWT-200DC comes with an intuitive and easy-to-use control panel.
  • Color LED screen visualizes the welding process and parameters. The value knob could control the welding parameters and adjust the values. The buttons help to select between 2T/4T / Foot Pedal (Remote) mode, choose between Stick, Lift TIG, High-Frequency TIG, Pulse TIG, Cold Spot, and control options such as preflow, starting current, slope, etc.

Remote Amperage Control Available

  • The welder is compatible with a 5-pin foot pedal to remotely control the entire TIG welding process to get rid of hands on the puddle control.
  • The pedal remote and welding torch remote control are available in foot pedal torch operation mode.
  • Capable of foot pedal remote control, it allows the operator’s control of real-time welding current even further than 10m.

1. Foot pedal is not included.
2. If you intend to adapt to a different brand pedal, ensure the wire connection is the same.
3. No 2T/4T mode in foot pedal (remote control) mode.

Lift TIG Welding

  • With the Lift-Arc Ignition feature, the tungsten electrode is touched on the job and lifted off to start the arc.
  • The start-up current is very low therefore, the tungsten barely sticks to the job, and the sharpened point is not damaged.
  • The tungsten is then easily lifted off the job. It is user-friendly and very controllable.

Pulsed TIG Welding

  • It is a perfect tool for welding thin or delicate materials such as stainless steel or non-ferrous metals.
  • As it comes with pulsed TIG welding is an excellent option with a minimum output of 5 amps, the welding current alternates between min and max.
  • It’s able to weld thin, highly conductive materials with little to no spatter.

Cold Spot TIG Welding

  • It allows spot TIG welding where the amount of heat and the time the heat is applied are limited. When welding thin and delicate metals, there is a lower risk of deformation and discoloration.
  • In addition, the spot TIG torch is included in the package.

Remote Control Welding Helmet Compatible

  • It could link with the welding helmet and supply power for the helmet.
  • The welding helmet will automatically dim according to the torch switch action when welding.
  • It could solve the flashing in spot welding, where the welding speed is pretty quick.

Decent Stick welding

  • The welder is equipped with arc force, hot start, and anti-stick features.
  • The arc force is an excellent feature that provides arc stability by compensating the amperage in the case of a voltage drop.
  • A hot start increases the starting amperage to ensure a smooth arc start. In addition, this feature can affect the preheating of the base metal.
  • Anti-stick will help you in the case of electrode sticks, as the machine cuts off the current.