The Iron & Ink (091XP) - Review - Derek's Workshop and Projects


Where vintage tattoos and hot steel meet, you will find the Iron & Ink welding helmet from and art company, Atomic Dice.The background on this helmet was created to look like old parchment. In the parlor, flash artwork was drawn on parchment covering the walls for customers to pick their tattoo.YesWelder offers a 1-year warranty with each welding helmet.


  • Materials: PA
  • Great For TIG, MIG, MMA, Plasma Applications with Grinding Feature
  • Light states: DIN 4 (grinding)
  • Dark states: DIN 5~9( cutting) /9~13 free adjustment (welding) (outside variable)
  • Large View Area: 4"X 3.7" (101 x 94 mm) with 4 Premium Sensors
  • 1/1/1/1 Optical Clarity, True Color view
  • Response time: <1/30000 seconds (normal temperature conditions)
  • Sensitivity: adjustable-low/high
  • Power on/off: Fully automatic
  • Power supply: Solar cell & replaceable battery
  • UV/IR protection: DIN 16
  • Working temperature: -5 ~55 Degree
  • Storage temperature:- 20~70 degrees centigrade
  • Low voltage indicator: Yes
  • ADF self-check: Yes