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I use the YesWelder multiprocess welder in LIFT TIG FUNCTION on my stainless steel welding projects. You will see how to avoid sticking your tungsten to the job and how to tail off to avoid pinholes that weaken your welds.

I am using the YesWelder 205DS with the YesWelder #17 TIG torch. 


  • Synergic Controlled on MIG function, very easy and simple operation.
  • 4 Functions in 1 of Gas MIG /Gasless MIG / Lift TIG / Stick
  • Can take up to 0.9mm(.035") MIG solid wire(Gas MIG) and 0.9mm(.035") MIG FLux wire(Gasless MIG)
  • Only Apply to D100 / D200 rolls (4” / 8” diamater rolls)(<10lbs) of MIG wire
  • 200 Amp Gas/Gasless MIG welder with a 50 Amp plug(220V)
  • 160 Amp Gas/Gasless MIG welder with a 35 Amp plug(110V)