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If you are looking for a multi-process welder that will MIG, TIG, Stick and MIG weld aluminum and has manual and synergic functions, this is an incredible welder at an awesome price!


  • Multi-functions- MIG synergistic setting, MIG manual setting, Gas-less Flux wire MIG Welds, stick welds, and Lift TIG welds.Dynamic control-set arc control to crisp or soft depending on your preference and application.
  • Synergic MIG-provides communication between the power source, feeder, and gun. Easy works with new welder or users.
  • Gas-less Flux MIG welds-release hard moving of gas cylinder, release the low efficiency of stick welds, works with gas-less flux wire perfectly.
  • Lift TIG welding optional with additional WP-17V-35 TIG torch
  • Suitable for 7018/6011 Electrode for Stick welding

Aluminum MIG Welding 

The unit is capable of welding aluminum using 100% Argon.
Method 1.
Equipped with a U-typer Roller(.035"& .045"), special A+ tips and Graphene Liner for the MIG torch, and removing the holding ring on steel liner of wire feeder.
Setting should be in Synergic MIG/ Manual MIG mode when welding aluminum.
Method 2.
Switching to spool gun mode. Install a spool gun and weld in manual MIG mode for Aluminum.

Various Welding Wire

Suitable for all kinds of welding requirements

  • .023”/.030”/.035” solid/SS wire,
  • .023”/.030”/.035” flux core wire for MIG manual setting; only .035” available in MIG synergistic setting
  • .035”/.045” aluminum wire.