How To Weld Magnesium
This article will teach you why welding magnesium is challenging, some VERY important safety measures, different magnesium alloys, how to prepare this material for welding, and which welding process to choose.
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How to Choose The Right Tungsten Electrode
As a beginner, you might have heard fellow welders talk about red or gold tungsten electrodes, debating which one is better or suits steel or aluminum alloys. That's why we decided to help you understand tungsten electrode types and give you tips when choosing the right one for your application.
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How to stick weld different thickness metals
Stick/Arc welding is one of the oldest methods, but it still finds its way into various industrial applications such as pipeline, structural welding, heavy-duty repair, and many more. Even though there are more advanced welding processes today, Stick welding is...
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