#WhyWeWeld: Alex Rodrigues

#WhyWeWeld: Alex Rodrigues

Alex Rodrigues is a welder based in Brazil, best known for his impressive pipe welds. He regularly shares images and videos on social media, capturing day-to-day life on the job as a welder in the field. 

We wanted to learn from Alex's experiences, so we chatted with him to find out more about his work. Here's our conversation:

What led you to learn how to weld and why did you decide to get into the business?

I was looking for a profession that was promising for my reality at the time. I came across welding through friends and saw that I was capable of having this profession for myself!

Can you tell us about your work as a welder, and the field that you work in?

I am currently working on assembly of corn ethanol plants working with welds (GTAW, GMAW, SMAW) in pipes and equipment. 

You live in Brazil. For our readers from elsewhere, can you tell us about your local qualification process - how did you qualify to work as a welder?  

Yes, I live in Brazil. I did a few hours of soldering at a vocational school and took field tests for certification! 

What is your favorite part of working as a welder?

My favorite part of welding is that the [work] scenario constantly changes with new challenges. But when you deliver your best, it's priceless.

In your experience, what is the hardest part of learning to weld?

Being able to maintain a pattern from start to finish.

That definitely can be a challenge for beginners. If you could offer one piece of advice, mistake would you recommend that beginning welders avoid making?

Failing to follow the step-by-step standards procedure would be a mistake!

Lastly, our favorite question: what advice would you have for beginners looking to improve their welding skills?

My advice would be to never give up on your goals. Have discipline, determination, humility, and focus on what you want to achieve. Always seek knowledge and put it into practice!

Thanks to Alex for answering our questions. Check out his Instagram profile here


  • Ivanei Cunha

    Soldas maravilhosas , parabéns!

  • Michael

    Did Alex get the opportunity to try the yes welder and if he did what were his thoughts and opinions ?

  • Dale

    I’m a welder and I would like to say them are the prettiest welds I have ever seen. Most EXCELLENT welds. Your pattern is spot in in every way. Kudos to you Alex

  • Petre Luicean

    Salut, de unde cumpăr si eu un aparat de sudură.

  • Adam

    hi how many function have the welder ??

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