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Hey guys, today we're going to unbox and review the new YesWelder YWA-160 stick welder. I've used YesWelder's products and the past and enjoyed them and expect no less from this machine!


  • YesWelder 160 amp YWA-160 welder is designed for ease of use.
  • Excellent performance on 6010,7018,6011 electrode, arc start easy, smooth weld, powerful enough to weld 5/32" (220V) and 1/8" (110V) steel.
  • Portable and lightweight so that you can take it anywhere.
  • Digital display integration
  • Optional arc force, VRD, built-in hot start, easy to operate, safe, and convenient for beginners.
  • Digital Control: Select the diameter of the welding electrodes, and the recommended welding current will be automatically applied. Manual adjustment is also available.
  • Built-in Hot Start: Boosts the current during ignition to provide easy, quick, and reliable arc starts.