Our Story


Welcome to YesWelder

YesWelder was born from a vision to provide affordable and high-quality welding equipment to those entering and experienced in the world of welding. 

We didn’t want to be ‘just another welding equipment company’. The YesWelder founders wanted to provide motivation and inspiration for welders of all skill levels. We knew that, to achieve this, we needed to speak to people just like you - skilled tradespeople doing the job day in, day out. The people that need, buy and use the equipment. We attended trade shows around the world and spoke to both suppliers and welders themselves to gain an understanding of their needs, wants and pain points. 

What we found was that welding had a high barrier to entry for non-professionals. The equipment was expensive - too big of an investment for someone just starting out, and those that just wanted to have a dabble in the trade.

And so, we set out to create what the welding industry needed: quality yet affordable welding products. In 2006, we began manufacturing our own welding equipment - and YesWelder was born!

At first, we used third parties and middlemen to supply our products on our behalf. The thinking behind this was simple: to make our equipment widely available to as many welders as possible.

Over time, though, we noticed a problem. Because we weren’t in direct contact with our customers, we didn’t receive their feedback and hear their thoughts on our products and how we could make them better. This was directly in contrast with our original goal, which is to be the welding brand of choice for welders, be they professionals or completely new to the trade. 

So, in 2018, we revamped YesWelder to become a Direct to Consumer business. We cut out the suppliers and middlemen, removing the barriers between ourselves and our customers to make it simple and affordable for anyone to purchase quality welding equipment. 

YesWelder has supplied welding equipment and parts for everyone from hobbyists doing a bit of welding in their spare time to major US brands. We invite you to become apart of our community of welders and enjoy welding with YesWelder.