YesWelder FIRSTESS CT-2050 7-in-1 Welder & Cutter

YesWelder FIRSTESS CT2050 7-in-1 Welder & Cutter

The YesWelder CT2050 is our most innovative welder and cutter yet. Offering seven integrated technologies, you can weld and cut any material and achieve professional results.

We have designed this machine with special consideration for professionals and hobbyists, making the welder powerful, with advanced features, and easy to operate.

Our CT2050 provides an entire fabrication shop in one small unit. It integrates the following:

  • Plasma cutter with a pilot arc
  • Built-in air compressor
  • AC TIG welding for aluminum and its alloys
  • AC Pulse TIG 
  • DC TIG welding for mild and stainless steel
  • DC Pulse TIG 
  • Stick welding

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    YesWelder CT2050 Inside

    YesWelder CT2050 Features Overview

    The YesWelder CT2050 features many advanced technologies to help you run all of the integrated processes to their maximum potential. So, let’s have a look at everything the CT2050 provides.

    Dual IGBT Inverters

    With the advanced IGBT inverter technology, YesWelder CT2050 lets you weld and cut with a light, compact unit. The IGBT technology provides a smooth, stable arc, and advanced functionalities, making the CT2050 a portable solution for professionals working on the go.


    YesWelder CT2050 Backside

    PFC Technology For Greater Flexibility

    The PFC (“Power Factor Controller”) offers the highest energy efficiency and a wide voltage input range. The CT2050 operates seamlessly within a range of 96V and 265V, allowing you to run it at home or a construction site.

    Intuitive HD Display

    Our easy-to-use HD display allows you to fine-tune every integrated process manually, or if you are a beginner, simply use the automatic settings.

    Besides the weld mode selection, you can modify torch mode and other detailed settings, and metal thickness and your welding position in AC TIG SMART mode.

    YesWelder CT2050 HD Display

    Professional TIG Welding Mode

    The YesWelder CT2050 is equipped with advanced TIG welding functions and ready for professional work. With the support for TIG foot pedal, HF (“High-frequency”) start, AC/DC, and AC/DC pulse welding, you can achieve perfect welds every time, regardless of whether you are welding aluminum or steel.

    High-Frequency Start

    There are three methods of starting an arc with TIG machines in general. Scratch start, lift start, and HF start. 

    The scratch start is the least desirable because it leaves tungsten inclusions in the weld pool that create hard spots in the weld. This leads to cracks and poorly joined metal.

    The lift arc start is better, and chances are lower that it will contaminate the weld pool with tungsten. 

    mig welding low current flows and arc current flows


    The High-Frequency start is the best method of starting a TIG weld because the tungsten never touches the metal. The machine outputs a high-frequency current that jumps from the tungsten to the metal, forming an electrical arc without any tungsten inclusions. The HF start is especially important when welding aluminum, stainless steel, or if welding any critical elements.

    AC TIG 

    Most TIG welders provide DC TIG welding only. But if you want to weld aluminum, you have to use AC TIG, and our CT2050 does both.

    The alternating current switches between DCEN and DCEP many times a second and targets the base aluminum and its oxide layer differently. Since the oxide layer melts at a higher temperature than the base aluminum underneath it, this alternating action is necessary. The DCEP removes the oxide, while the DCEN melts the base metal.

    AC/DC TIG Pulse Welding

    It's possible to use TIG pulse with AC or DC output with the CT2050. The TIG pulse modifies the number of pulses per second when the machine outputs the set welding amps. 

    This setting is useful when welding thin metal as an additional heat control method to prevent warping. 

    Additionally, TIG pulse is helpful when welding along an edge or a hole. It won’t ruin an edge thanks to the controlled heat input, and it will give you additional control over the weld pool. 

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    Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter with an Integrated Compressor

    Every plasma cutter needs an air compressor to run. But, the YesWelder CT2050 comes with a built-in compressor for better portability. Plus, you don’t need to make additional purchases.

    The CT2050 has a 100% duty cycle at 45A and 220V input, allowing you to cut thick metal as long as it's needed. The cutter won’t stop until the work is done.

    Additionally, the pilot non-touch arc doesn’t require direct contact with the metal to cut. This lets you cut and gouge. The metal doesn’t have to be clean either. You can cut rusty, painted, dirty metal without any pre-cleaning. 

    YesWelder CT2050 Air Compressor

    Powerful Stick Welding Performance

    The YesWelder CT2050 has excellent stick welding performance. It’s an inverter welder, but it runs the notorious E6010 rods as well.

    Thanks to the integrated hot start, you will initiate the arc with ease. The 5-200A range will have you welding thin or thick. Outdoors, or indoors, the CT2050 welds stick like a champ.

    VRD Protection

    The VRD (“Voltage reduction device”) function reduces the OCV (“Open circuit voltage”) when you aren’t welding with the CT2050. This protects you from a potential electric shock, even in adverse worksite environments. 

    The VRD is one of the most important safety measures for preventing electrocution in complex work environments like welding in cramped spaces, wet or damp areas.

    YesWelder CT2050, The Ultimate Solution

    The CT2050 integrates the most important welding functions for a working professional or a hobbyist who wants advanced features in one machine. 

    With a plethora of functions under one roof, allowing you to weld and cut almost all metals, the CT2050 saves space, diminishes the need for an external air compressor, and doesn’t compromise the quality of integrated processes.

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    YesWelder CT2050 Transparent welding machine


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