Rogue Techs First Robotics Competition

Rogue Techs First Robotics Competition

Rogue Techs First Robotics Competition

YesWelder is proud to support the amazing young folks of Rogue Techs. A community-based, non-profit First Robotics Competition Team.  A diversified team of students from all walks of life, ethnicity, gender, and income. 

FIRST, For the Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, was founded 30 years ago by Dean Kaman, whose goal is to bring the opportunity of STEM to all schools, communities, and grade levels around the world.  A quote by Dean brings robotic education down to a level of reality, “You have teenagers thinking they're going to make millions as an NBA star when that's not realistic for even 1% of them, but becoming a scientist or engineer is."

The FRC Season begins the first weekend of January with the release of the new game and rules for the upcoming season. They then have a 6-week window to analyze the new game and rules, design a robot, and then CAD their design in Solidworks (Computer Aided Drafting).  

The next phase is manufacturing; which uses the saws, vertical mills, lathes, welders, and hand tools to assemble our robot. Then they would wire the electrical system, pneumatics, motors, and program the robot.  

All this must be completed within a 6-week window so the robot is ready for our regional competitions in March.  During the busy build season, each team member puts in approximately 30 hours per week, on top of school and homework.  

As a community-based team, Rogue Techs have the advantage to bring on all students who are interested in our team free of charge, but the difficulties students do face is that they would need to raise all of their needed funding on their own without the help of a school district’s support. 

Rogue Techs First Robotics Competition

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  • Paul

    This is amazing excited to see younger people learning to weld. Great Job. Hope to see more in the future.

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