#WhyWeWeld: Roger Dorsey

Roger Dorsey is a welder from Bossier City, Louisiana. As a younger welder, Roger knows what it's like to be new to the trades after years of being interested in welding. We wanted to learn about Roger's work and his thoughts on getting started as a welder.

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#WhyWeWeld: David Griesmyer
David Griesmyer is an artist specializing in the creation of stainless steel sculptures, known for his detailed and carefully crafted work. Although he now works with metals everyday, David's career started very differently. We learn more about his journey from medical rep to tradesman.
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#WhyWeWeld: Tammy R. Lee
Tammy Lee is an Illinois-based scrap metal artist who retired from her job as a court reporter to start a small business. YesWelder chatted with Tammy, to learn about her work, her small business, and what it's like to transition from being a court reporter to a full-time scrap metal artist.
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