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This is a digital inverter DC pulse TIG welding machine with great function, excellent performance, and advanced technology. It has various welding functions such as SMAW, DC TIG, pulsed TIG and TIG spot welding (DC or pulsed), etc., and it can be widely used in fine welding of various metals. 

This welder could not work for aluminum welding.

Digital Display

  • Digital Control Pulse Frequency allows full parameter setting of Peak Current, Base Current, Pulse Frequency and Pulse Width, allowing to manipulate the heat input to the work, control penetration and minimize distortion
  • Digital Set of Pre Flow Time, Start Current Level, Up Slope Time, Down Slope Time, Finish Current Level, and Post Flow Time combined with the choice of 2 or 4T trigger function allows you to control the start and finish of the weld process at the highest professional level.
  • Arc ignition time, preset current, and arc force current are adjustable.


Overcurrent & overheat is available for this machine

Multiple Welding Processes

  • DC TIG, Pulsed TIG, and MMA are available
  • The HF arc ignition provides pre gas and instant arc ignition with the press of the torch
  • switch leaving no tungsten inclusion and no contamination of the tungsten electrode.
  • MMA welding performance is significantly improved with an excellent control algorithm: easier to ignite arc, stable welding current, little spatter, no electrode sticking, good shaping, and automatically adaptable to the change of length or section of welding cable.
  • Spot welding functions are available.

Remote control available (customized)

The machine offers two remote control modes, namely torch control mode and foot control mode, which can meet different application requirements of users.

What’s Included

  • TIG-250P TIG Welding Machine
  • WP-26 TIG Torch 13ft
  • Electrode Holder 10 ft
  • Earth Clamp 10 ft
  • Brush
  • Gas Hose
  • 2-Pin Foot Pedal
  • Additional TIG Accessories: 3 Collets, 1 Collet Body, 3 Alumina Ceramic Cup, 1 Long Back Cap, 1 Short Back Cap

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